Your login information will be emailed to you as soon as you request the account, so you may login immediately. You will need to check your UCCS email for specific login instructions. If you have junk mail (spam) filters configured for your UCCS email, please configure the filters to accept email from, as emails from the system will often be sent from that address.

Please use your UCCS username as your User ID not already in use, and also specify a UCCS email address that is not already registered in the system. User IDs may be up to 30 characters in length and contain letters and numbers. This form should only be used by Participants. Researchers will have to request their account from the Sona Administrator


Thank you for signing up as a Participant in the UCCS Psychology Department Sona Experiment Management System. You will only need to create a Participant account once while you are a student here at UCCS.

UCCS Students: Please use your UCCS email when creating your Sona account. Your User ID should be your UCCS username that is used for your UCCS email. For example, if your UCCS email address is, then your User ID would be brain.

Non-UCCS students: You may create your own User ID. If someone else has that User ID, you will be asked to choose a different User ID.

All users: Please add, and to your safe-sender list, as emails from Sona are often sent from these addresses. Please do NOT use an AOL or AIM account as your email as our system has a difficult time communicating with AOL and AIM email accounts.

Once you click the Request Account button, you will need to check your UCCS email. This email will contain important policies regarding research participation as well as your login information. You may change your password after you login to Sona for the first time by going to the My Profile menu.

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